Conserving Water, Grayish Green, Understanding Watts, + Death of Excess

Consumption: watts up? How I (almost) saved the earth. Saving energy by conserving water. Thinking green: it's not black and white. Marketers should heed FTC Green Guidelines. Good-bye McMansion, hello tiny house. […]

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Modern Green LVL Prefab in Canada

It's been a great week for prefab enthusiasts — with news from LivingHomes, KitHAUS, and Blu Homes — but there's still more.  Recently, developers at Kootenay Lake Village completed this LVL prefab near Nelson, British Columbia.  The new home has double insulated walls, high grade energy efficient windows, low-flow bathroom fixtures, and a green roof, just to name a few of its green features.  


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No-Flush Touch-Free Urinal for Homes

In his Cool Product of the Week article, Alex Wilson has the story on this Baja urinal designed for residential use by the Waterless Company.  The no-flush, touch-free toilet retails for $248 and has to potential to save about 3,250 gallons of water per year, assuming a home with two males, three uses, and 340 days, according to Building Green.


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Net Zero Sungazing House in Park City

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to tour this newly-built net-zero energy home in Park City, Utah.  The Sungazing House, built by Tall Pines Construction and designed by Jean Yves Lacroix, is home to the O’Meara family of four and features impressive views of the surrounding area.  Perhaps more impressive, however, is the fact that it’s pursuing Passive House, LEED Platinum, and NAHB Emerald certifications.


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California LivingHome Earns Platinum

Yesterday, LivingHomes announced that this modern prefab in Newport Beach received LEED Platinum certification.  Designed by KieranTimberlake, the KTLH1.5 model home was a showcase for TED 2009 and features stylish, contemporary interiors from Kristin Kilmer Design.  Steve Glenn, CEO of LivingHomes, said the home “uses far less energy, water, and materials resources than most homes and … has far better indoor air quality.”


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Blu Relaunches Glidehouse Green Prefab

Blu Homes continues to dominate the green prefab world.  Today the company announced the relaunch of Glidehouse, a gorgeous home originally made famous by Michelle Kaufmann.  Glidehouse will be available nationally and built in Blu’s own factory using the company’s proprietary steel and wood framing system.  The new Glidehouse retains all of the signature features of the old design and can be purchased for $360,000+.


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