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Top 10 Green Architecture Firms

In conjunction with Architect magazine's second annual listing of the Architect 50, the magazine also created a list of top 10 green architecture firms.  Its findings are based upon surveys administered during the first three months of this year to 161 firms.  The survey isn't large enough to consider all firms, but Architect welcomes applications through its team of editors. 


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Skyscraper Farms, Growing Walls, Concrete Capture, + Rooftop Energy

The sustainability imperative.  Vertical gardens, grown on walls.  Green concrete: storing carbon dioxide. How urban planning can improve public health. Ten ways to make your business bike friendly. Eco-friendly buildings are […]

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Green Prefab Home Planned for NYC

New World Home brings modular technology and sustainability to traditional home design, and, as far as traditional is concerned, these homes are quite nice.  So when you think about it, the collaboration between Country Living magazine and New World Home is perfect. 


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New Paradigm: Living Built Environment

Everything is changing over at the Cascadia Green Building Council.  Dropping the word “Region” from its name, the organization has new moniker to go with a new motto, “Envisioning the Living Future.”  But that’s not all.  The mission is new, too.  These changes seem designed to convey an upbeat focus not on individual buildings or projects but the whole built environment. 


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German Prefab Shipping to the States

German HUF Haus makes these beautiful, modern, post-and-beam homes through precision engineering and factory manufacturing.  The homes are expensive but a HUF house is energy efficient, spacious, and high tech.  HUF is a unique participant in the green prefab world with their signature floor-to-ceiling windows and clean lines.


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Putting the Location in LEED

Late last week, you may have heard, the USGBC, NRDC, and CNU officially launched LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND).  The pilot program opened in July 2007 with about 240 participating projects.  Now, with the launch, project teams around the world can register online and get going. 


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