LEED Legalities, Utopian Housing, Greater Business, + Urban Composting

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Efficient Home Earns Elite Certification

Last April we mentioned a noteworthy project called the Passive House in the Woods.  It’s a Wisconsin home with carbon-neutral ambitions designed by Tim Delhey Eian of TE Studio.  It’s also the first Passive House in the state.  PHitW meets the requirements of the Passive House standard, i.e. ultra-tight envelope, high efficiency heating and cooling, and minimal energy demand.


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Peel and Stick PowerPly Solar by Lumeta

This summer, Lumeta, Inc., received UL certification for the company’s innovative PowerPly solar product.  PowerPly doesn’t need a rack or mounting structure.  It’s backed with an adhesive and applies directly to the roof, making installation a cinch.


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Bright Modular Ecofelt Buzziskin Tiles

Interior Design just closed voting on this year’s BoY Awards, and the Eco Products category has some excellent entries.  Of which, I noticed this 3D tile called Buzziskin from Buzzispace.  It’s made of ecofelt, or a 100% recycled PET material, in a variety of colors.  Buzziskin is offered in both rectangular and cubic sizes with a self-adhesive backing.  Each tile runs about $150.


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GE Readies New Thin-Film Solar Panels

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World’s First Certified Living Buildings

Earlier this year, we took a look at four projects racing to meet the requirements of the Living Building Challenge.  Now, the International Living Building Institute has completed third-party certification audits and announced the world’s first Living Buildings.  The Omega Center for Sustainable Living (NY) and Tyson Living Learning Center (MO) both earned full certification, while Eco-Sense (BC) earned Petal Recognition for meeting four of six petals.


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