Efficient Modular Zero Homes in Maine

This month, Modular builder Keiser Homes and architecture firm Kaplan Thompson Architects launched the net zero energy series of modular homes called the "Modular Zero Collection."  These homes have been designed to use the smallest amount of energy possible and, if purchasers opt for solar hot water and solar photovoltaics, can produce as much energy as is consumed on an annual basis. 


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Car-free Enclaves, House Warming, Health Boost Building, + Home Printing

Dwell on green design. Houses that solve global warming. Green buildings may boost occupant health. Reasons why we don't have car-free hoods yet. Some builders warming to green standards. Building green begins […]

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Small, Green, Affordable in The Big Easy

The USGBC recently held a competition for the design of an affordable, single-family house with between 720 and 880 square feet that meets the requirements of LEED Platinum certification.  Local chapters chose 49 designs and a national jury picked two professional finalists and two student finalists.  These four designs will be built in the Broadmoor neighborhood of New Orleans by enviRenew.


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An Insulated BIPV Roof from Metl-Span

Earlier this year, Metl-Span introduced CFR Insul-Solar, which is a roof-integrated photovoltaic system that combines the company's CFR insulated standing seam roof panel with UNI-Solar thin film solar laminates.


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Reclaimed Style Family Retreat in Aptos

I just recently learned of this contemporary retreat designed by CCS Architecture for an eight-person family.  The 2,800 square-foot home sits on a picturesque, 20-acre site nestled about five miles inland from the beach town of Aptos, California.  It's a vacation place, which some of you won't think is all that green, but the owners and design team worked to make the $1.8 million project a low-impact one. 


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SketkaStone Recycled Paper Surfaces

I’ve always loved recycled paper countertops and recently noticed ShetkaStone from All Paper Recycling.  SketkaStone is made with old paper and can be used in countertops, vanities, sills, and moldings.  It will also hold up to use; the manufacturer told me in an email that no other similar product on the market “can match our durability.”


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