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Self Sufficient Ecohouse in Australia

Homeowners in Brisbane, Australia, just received keys to the Hill End Ecohouse, a six-star home designed by Riddel Architecture and built by Peagram Builders.  Located on a small lot, the Ecohouse incorporates 95% of salvaged material from the previously existing 1930s home and a total of about 80% recycled content.  Ecohouse also stores 71,000 liters of water and treats gray water on-site for toilet use. 


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LEED Credit Costs, Green Greed, Makeover Frontier, + Standard Dilution

New data on the cost of LEED. Green building advocates take the LEED. Going green often starts with economic self-interest. Google squares off against green data center standard. LEED green building standards […]

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Flood Proof Green Home on the Beach

I was excited to get an email from Matthew Peek, principal at Studio Peek Ancona, regarding this prototype built in a flood and seismic zone in Stinson Beach, California.  The flood-proof home has been Platinum certified by the Marin County green building program and meets FEMA standards of the area, according to Peek.  It's green and undeniably contemporary, but it's also small and showcases indoor/outdoor living without a hitch. 


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Green Copper House in Hudson Valley

This is a beautiful modern home in Hudson Valley with carefully considered fenestration and use of daylighting.  The 2,590 square-foot home, designed by Andy Bernheimer of Della Valle Bernheimer, was recently featured by GreenSource Magazine as a Best Green House for March 2010.


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Green Prefab Extends to Chicken Coops

While catching up on last month's Metropolis, I was fascinated by an article — Fair or Fowl? — discussing the winning design in a competition held by the Israel Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. 

Peleg/Burshtein Architects took the top prize with a proposal that consolidates poultry farming into a futuristic, 200-foot prefab farm outfitted with chicken feed silos, small wind turbines, photovoltaics, and greenery to mitigate the industrial steel exterior. 


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AAHSA Concept for Idea House 2010

The American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (AAHSA) has a concept for the future of senior housing and it's going to be built for the association's annual meeting in Los Angeles later this year.  The 2,600 square-foot Idea House, designed by the Atlanta office of THW Design, will feature the latest in innovation, universal design, and sustainability.  


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