Plus Plus Pavers from Meld USA

North Carolina-based Meld USA, maker of ecoX and Micro, launched a new paver called Plus Plus.  The cement paver is available in six standard colors, as well as nearly limitless custom colors, and made with up to 74% recycled content.  Also, to minimize the environmental impact of manufacturing, Plus Plus is “wet cast, air cured, and form finished,” according to Architect Magazine.  Meld’s paver can be used in any garden, driveway, or patio.


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October Green Month in Review

Other than this Racing Against Time article, which got a boost from Honda, our most popular article on Facebook last month was this one on the hen coop with a green roof, while the most shared article on Twitter was this one on the world’s first Living Buildings.  For more green coverage, stay current with the weekly email newsletter delivered every weekend.  Below you’ll find a gathering of links from October.


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Bipartisan Efficiency, Charity Cases, Floating Future, + Paying Improvements

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Lookotels Green Prefab Hotel Startup

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New Thermally Broken rSTUD Lumber

Colorado-based Ec Manufacturing started making structural insulated panels (SIPs) about a year and a half ago.  The company was studying 2009 building code and thinking about how to innovate their products, when someone decided the building industry could use a thermally broken lumber material.  That led to the creation of rSTUD.


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Misleading with Green Product Claims

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