Round, Green, Efficient: Deltec Prefabs

I like to watch the prefab world closely, but there’s one company that I haven’t mentioned yet. That company, Deltec Homes, pops up in the news every other week or so.  Indeed, I noticed these homes are selling well in Canada, according to the National Post, and folks in Florida like that the round homes hold up in powerful hurricane weather, according to Wink News.


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Prefab Answers, Sustainability Battles, Efficiency Boosts, + Loveless Wood

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Modern Hen Coop with a Green Roof

If you’re thinking about raising chickens, there are a few ways to go about it.  You could build a retro Modern Coop or Quonset Coop.  Or, you could build a boxy coop with a green roof, like this one pictured here and featured in Dwell.  It’s framed with two-by-fours, insulated, sheathed with oriented strand board, covered in reclaimed cedar, ventilated with two upper windows, and topped with native landscaping, according to Miyoko Ohtake.


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BUILDER Reveals New Concept Home

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Glass Tile Roof Solar by SolTech Energy

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, a new company comes along with a different approach.  SolTech Energy makes an innovative roof tile — similar but distinguishable from this thin-film solar tile offered by SRS Energy — that harvests solar energy with a traditional looking glass tile.  Currently offered in Spain and Sweden, the SolTech System can be installed to work in conjunction with most common heating solutions on the market.


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Luxury LEED Townhouse in Manhattan

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