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Hyper Eco Luxury Living in Boulder

This luxury green home, 2002 Alpine, is the kind of place that may make you feel uncomfortable with preconceived notions of luxury, home size, and sustainability. The $3.5 million home was precision built in a WeberHaus factory in Germany and is expected to use only 18% of the total energy consumed by the average American home. The interior is also entirely hypoallergenic and non-toxic.


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Smart Windows that Save Big Energy

This startup company, RavenBrick, was profiled by the New York Times for its simple and smart window technology.  It's a window like nothing else on the market.  Using patented and patent pending technology, RavenWindow has a reflective film that's keyed to the outside temperature.  When warm, the film reflects light to reduce solar heat gain.  Conversely, when cool, the film becomes transparent to allow a comfortable amount of heat gain. 


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Mosiac Walk Eco Townhomes in the OC

It seems green homes continue to sell well in these economic times. Last month, two model homes at Mosaic Walk opened to visitors and, with purchase incentives and pricing from the low $300,000, phase one sold out completely. Located in Garden Grove in northern Orange Country, Mosaic Walk has been designed and built for LEED certification.


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Tiny Eco-friendly Prefab Called The Crib

Due to the popularity of the Shack, an off-the-grid house in West Virginia, Broadhurst Architects, Inc., decided to design another shelter for individuals looking for a weekend retreat, home yoga studio, backyard home office, or a cluster of small eco-cabins.  The firm created The Crib and two home models undeniably inspired by corn cribs. 


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Dreaming Eco City, Green Retrofits, Reclaimed What, + More Green Roofs

Eco city dreaming. The benefits of green retrofits. Healthiest, happiest office space in America. Avoiding the global warming impact of insulation. Washington builders sue to stop green building law. New York condo […]

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Modern LEED Living at The Crossing

Recently The Crossing Apartments, a luxury, transit-oriented development seeking LEED Silver certification, opened in Anaheim, California. The project, designed by KTGY Group, Inc., includes 39 live/work units and 312 lofts and one- and two-bedroom units in a contemporary and eco-friendly setting.


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