Audits, Loans, and a Home Energy Score

Today Joe Biden and the Obama Administration unveiled a new program with low-cost energy audits, federally-insured PowerSaver loans, and a new Home Energy Score, according to Wendy Koch of the USA Today.  Details of the program are available now at, which includes an interactive graphic explaining the new score based on a 1 to 10 scale.


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Boosting Ecological Savings with a Box

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Off-Grid Container Cabins from $15k

Recent Daniel Sokol sent me an email to share what he’s doing with steel shipping containers for a New Hampshire-based company called LEED Cabins.  He can convert a 20-foot unit into a small, comfortable home in as little as 25 days from $15,000.  Or he can build a bigger home with adjoining containers from about $40,000.


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Solar LED Products for Home Projects

Texas-based Solar Lights Factory just opened an online store with various solar LED products — pavers, cylinders, and icebergs — intending to make them available to regular consumers at an approachable price.  The paver costs $40 each; the cylinder costs $50 each; and the iceberg starts at $15 each.  Each product is self-contained and, with some creativity, can be used for landscapes, gardens, decks, pathways, driveways, and patios, etc.


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Next Gen Builders, ESL Lighting, European Windows, + Free Range Kids

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Fabrication for the Future: The Modules

The Modules at TempleTown is an impressive project. It embodies what many in the industry believe to be the benefits of off-site fabrication: waste reduction, speedy construction, and cost savings. Designed by Interface Studio Architects, The Modules is a student apartment building in a double-H shape specifically designed to allow natural lighting in all of the rental units.


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