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Rebuilding Shelters with Old Containers

We've seen a lot of effort to provide emergency and long-term shelter for disaster areas.  For Haiti in particular, some groups, like Shipping Container Housing and Green Container International Aid, are trying to reuse shipping containers to get people out of the elements and into something that can withstand hurricane season in a couple short months.  The renderings shown here are from GCIA, who is seeking the donation of containers to construct container cities in the area. 


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Blu Completes Another Next Gen Prefab

Notwithstanding the much talked about death of prefab, factory-built homes that are energy efficient and made with healthy materials keep finding buyers.  Blu Homes, a prefab startup that just received $7 million from private investors and is opening a new 80,000 square-foot facility in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, built this green home for Rainy Day and Eileen Cullinane in Rhode Island. 


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Food Recycling, Smarter Skinning, Healthy Ungreen, + Water Footprints

Neighborhood tests food recycling. Are green buildings always healthy? Giving green buildings a smarter skin.   Five sustainability tips for small businesses. Green practices conflict with homeowners associations. Green home guidelines will sunset […]

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Vertical Farm Concept: Eco-Laboratory

In 2008, we first looked at this Eco-Laboratory concept for a living building, which won the Natural Design Talent Competition in 2008.  Designed by a team from Weber Thompson, the Eco-Laboratory is now featured in a short film that explains the benefits of vertical farming. 


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Sylvania Intros Sleek Ultra Bright LED

Announcements from LightFair this week lit up the news world.  Lighting Science Group introduced cheap 40-watt and 60-watt replacement Definity LEDs, while Philips unveiled a brighter, more expensive 60-watt replacement EnduraLED.  Not content with sitting the sidelines, Osram Sylvania today announced a bright 60-watt replacement LED that outputs 810 lumens.


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New Passive House in North Carolina

Update 3/31/2011: The First Passive House in North Carolina.

Recently we caught wind of a Passive House under construction in North Carolina. Chris Senior, certified Passive House consultant, along with his company Anchorage Building Corporation, the contractor, sent us these media files and a note that the home will be on the Raleigh area NAHB National Green Building Home Tour on May 15 and 22.


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