Modern Eco-Smart Challenger in Alberta

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Cogenra Mixes Solar PV and Hot Water

Khosla Ventures-backed Cogenra Solar made big news this month when it celebrated the unveiling of an impressive 272-kW solar cogeneration installation at Sonoma Wine Company in Graton, California.  Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair attended the event to flip the switch on 15 Cogenra SunBase modules that generate both electricity and hot water for the winery.


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E Cube Made with SIPs Housing System

It seems like a major component of green building these days is reducing energy demand and building ultra-low energy homes.  For instance, British Columbia-based Jenesys Buildings Corp. built this E Cube house with a superinsulated shell of SIPs in an effort to deliver a home that’s twice as energy efficient as a comparable home built to standard code requirements.


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Million Dollar Eco Modern Home in Utah

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Greenbuild Products, LEED Revisions, Repair Manifesto, + Green Remodeling

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Low-Impact Green Duplex in Portland

You probably heard about the new Passive House Alliance and the election of Sam Hagerman, Hammer & Hand, as president of the alliance.  This company is behind some impressive green projects, including an interesting home renovation in Portland.  Zack Semke, Director of Evangelism and Evolution at Hammer & Hand, said Twin Studios tells a “unique Portland story of micro-community-renewal and ‘upcycling’ of a marginal structure into a beautiful, low-impact, green duplex.”


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