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1105 Dwell Aims for Energy Efficiency

Dwell Development Design + Build, a firm in Washington state focusing on urban infill development, recently completed these four homes located at 1105 23rd Avenue South in Seattle. Targeted to exceed 5-star Built Green certification, the modern homes at 1105 Dwell are being offered for sale from $479,000. Sizes vary from 1,647 to 1,772 square feet.


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Passive Solar Dogtrot Gets a Revamp

Copeland Casati, founder of Green Cabin Kits and Green Modern Kits, is busy these days.  When she's not working on her own passive solar casa ti, she's helping folks across the country with theirs.  Casati also just unveiled a revamped and newly engineered Dogtrot Mod Kit House, which is an energy-efficient 1,500 square-foot home with a 500 square-foot screened porch in the middle. 


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Small Wind Turbines Flourish in the U.S.

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) recently released its annual Global Market Study [PDF] of the small wind market, and I thought I'd share this information considering the intersect of green building and small wind.  According to the study, the U.S. market for small wind turbines — those with a capacity of 100 kW of less — added 20.3 MW of new capacity on $82.4 million in sales in 2009. 


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Prefab Studio Sheds Flourish in Boulder

Recently we mentioned Studio Shed, a startup that builds eco-friendly prefabricated sheds for equipment, storage, and office sheds.  The company just installed its sixth modern shed in Boulder and has delivered four others to California.  In completing these ten projects, Studio Shed has perfected the overall prefabrication and shipping experience provided to customers and is now offering a 5% discount on orders through June 15, 2010.


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Niagara’s Stealthy New Efficient Toilet

Niagara Conservation has developed what it claims is the world’s only 0.8 gallons per flush toilet, the Stealth.  The ultra high efficiency toilet — recently profiled as Alex Wilson’s Cool Product of the Week — uses a patented hydraulic technology to deliver a quiet flush with the performance of a pressure-assist toilet.  It’s a water saver, too, using approximately 37% less water than a standard high efficiency toilet.


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Micro Green Prefab Units in California?

After completing a pair of ultra green prefab townhomes in Oakland, ZETA Communities is now designing two larger projects in planning for parking lot sites in Berkeley and San Francisco.  In collaboration with developer Panoramic Interests, these tiny SmartSpaces will be car-free, factory-built, and designed for LEED Platinum certification.


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