Blu Homes Revamps Element Eco Prefab

Several months ago, we took a look at an Element prefab by Blu Homes in Rhode Island.  The Element model has been revised recently and now includes up to 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, and 12′ ceilings.  The contemporary home design is available in two sizes, 36′ x 20’6″ or 48 x 20’6″, and comes standard with a number of green features:


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Passive House Retrofit in California

It’s official, construction is complete on the first Passive House project in California and the first Passive House retrofit in the nation.  Designed by Lail Design Group and built by Solar Knights Construction, the O’Neill Passive House is an example how to greenly renovate an older home to superior energy efficiency standards.


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Solar Pioneering, Innovation Revenue, Living Buildings, + Bank Owned Green

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McDonough: Efficiency Will Not Save Us

William McDonough is one of the greatest minds the environmental movement has to offer.  He’s the co-author of Cradle-to-Cradle, Time’s Hero for the Planet, and a recipient of the Presidential Award for Sustainable Development.  And, perhaps more importantly, he’s extremely influential.  McDonough shares ideas with compelling clarity, and listeners can’t help but pass the message along.  I had the opportunity to listen to McDonough’s keynote at West Coast Green yesterday and took down the following quotes.


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Inspired In Law Prefab Unveiled at WCG!

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September Green Month in Review

Last month, our most popular article on Facebook was this one on the next gen v100 Mod Box, while the most shared article on Twitter was this one on five easy solar options.  For more green coverage, stay current with our weekly email newsletter delivered every Saturday.  Below you’ll find a gathering of links from last month.


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