Million Dollar Eco Modern Home in Utah

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Greenbuild Products, LEED Revisions, Repair Manifesto, + Green Remodeling

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Low-Impact Green Duplex in Portland

You probably heard about the new Passive House Alliance and the election of Sam Hagerman, Hammer & Hand, as president of the alliance.  This company is behind some impressive green projects, including an interesting home renovation in Portland.  Zack Semke, Director of Evangelism and Evolution at Hammer & Hand, said Twin Studios tells a “unique Portland story of micro-community-renewal and ‘upcycling’ of a marginal structure into a beautiful, low-impact, green duplex.”


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m2 Green Prefab from Method Homes

It’s been a while since we last mentioned Method Homes, but the company has built a number of green prefabs recently that deserve some mention.  Last December, the company installed this modern modular home, referred to as m2, on a picturesque mountain site in Glacier, Washington.


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Prevent Plug Load Waste with Modlet

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Roof Made with Adaptive Reuse Records

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