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Recycled Hardwood by Staybull Flooring

Staybull Flooring, a Florida company, recently let us know about their recycled flooring available in more than 20 wood species.  The company salvages waste wood from lumber mills around the globe; binds discarded strips together with a solvent-free, no-VOC adhesive; and then mills and finishes the planks with a ceramic, no-VOC finish.  The result is strong, mosaic-like, rich in detail, and made in the U.S.A.  And if you're looking for an FSC certified option, Staybull Flooring can provide that, too. 


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Intelligent EV Charging for the Home

While not as sexy as the WattStation, Coulomb Technologies today unveiled a new charging station that could be found in thousands of homes across the country over the next few years. Referred to as CT500, the Level II charging station is compatible with electric vehicles using the SAE J1772 standard and is perfect for residential or light commercial use.


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  • Signal Shed by Ryan Lingard

Modern Off-Grid Signal Shed in Oregon

Sunset has the story on this off-grid, low-impact, affordable shelter built in the wilderness near Joseph, Oregon.  The modern structure of 130 square feet, not counting the deck, was designed by Ryan Lingard and built in a couple weeks for roughly $10,000.  Signal Shed has a wood stove, metal roof, cedar rainscreen, reused windows, portable toilet, and operable shutters.


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  • WIRv2

Climate Grunts, Shower Fighting, Optimal Small, + Retail Sustainability

Climate change: not enough grunts. A water fight over luxury shower fixtures. Solving housing problems through earthships.  Retail developers unwavering in pursuit to go green. Nine design tips to maximize small […]

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  • Screenshot of Interview with CalFinder

Interview with CalFinder

CalFinder, a comprehensive resource for remodeling information, was kind enough to publish a short interview about what we do.  Visit CalFinder for more talk about prefab homes, eco epiphanies, consumerism, and other tough environmental topics.  […]

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Stylish Eco Home Office from West Elm

Earlier this week, West Elm introduced the Pratt Home Office collection of eco-friendly and affordable furniture.  Created in collaboration with The Pratt Institute, the five-piece set includes items made with FSC certified wood, non-toxic glues, water-based stains, and powder-coated steel that can be recycled.  There's also a clever LED task lamp in the mix and, although some pieces are on sale now, prices range from $99 to $299. 


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