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Indestructible Fossilized Bamboo Floor

Let’s say you get a lot of floor traffic or you have a kid that jabs Hot Wheels into the ground.  Maybe you have a dog that runs in circles, and you want a strong wood floor.  You’ll probably look for a high Janka scale rating — a measure of hardness — to find something that will hold up against denting and wear.  You might even consider this strand woven floor from Cali Bamboo that the company says received a 5,000+ pound score in recent tests.


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Edwin Blue: Crafted, Modern, Green

Edwin Blue is a new company out of Missouri that makes modern outdoor furniture.  The company's first collection, Rise, includes chaises, lounge chairs, stools, side tables, and dining tables, etc.  Each piece is handmade in America with steel, sinker cypress (or FSC-certified machiche from Guatemala if a hardwood is desired), and wood finishes free of heavy metal, petroleum, and VOCs.  Visit Edwin Blue for more on this warm, sleek collection.


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Affordable Boost, Urban Green, Sustainability Lessons, + NPR on LEED

Sustainability lessons. Green revolution in urban neighborhoods. NPR 1: Green building, a real estate revolution? NPR 2: Critics say LEED doesn't fulfill promises. Help your business with green marketing. Enter this green […]

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New Modern Green Homes from Lindal

Dwell and its writers/editors have considerable influence in the prefab industry.  They made a big move last year announcing the Dwell Homes Collection of “warm modern” prefabs designed by Turkel Design and produced by Lindal Cedar Homes.  This year, Lindal and Turkel Design added seven new plans to the collection and they’re beautiful, to put it simply.


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Going Green with Exposed Plumens

Plumen 001 has been shooting around the internet today (i.e., Good, Morin, Re-Nest).  The designer CFL saves 80% on energy bills and lasts eight times longer than a regular incandescent.  It’s an 11-watt bulb that outputs 680 lumens with a color temperature of 2700k.  But it’s not available in the US until next year, and Plumen 002 is in the works.  In any event, Plumen seems perfect for the exposed lighting situation pictured here.


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Register for Opportunity Green 2010!

As a community committed to thought leadership and the pursuit of it, I want to take a short moment to mention Opportunity Green 2010, the world's leading cross-industry, sustainable business conference.  Ranked as the #1 Green Conference by Google, Opportunity Green is at the nexus of the connections and collaborations that are vital to propelling new business models in a green economy.


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