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Stylish Eco Home Office from West Elm

Earlier this week, West Elm introduced the Pratt Home Office collection of eco-friendly and affordable furniture.  Created in collaboration with The Pratt Institute, the five-piece set includes items made with FSC certified wood, non-toxic glues, water-based stains, and powder-coated steel that can be recycled.  There's also a clever LED task lamp in the mix and, although some pieces are on sale now, prices range from $99 to $299. 


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First Passive House Retrofit in Nation

Update: See the completed Passive House retrofit in California!

This is the first Passive House in California and the first retrofit Passive House in the entire country, according to a press release issued by Solar Knights Construction earlier this week. The airtight retrofit was accomplished with, among other things, superior insulation, triple-glazed windows, and an energy recovery ventilation system.


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Fontenay Woods from Old Wine Barrels

If you're in the market for an Old World look, Fontenay makes vintage flooring from reclaimed wine barrels.  The Cooperage collection has stamps and markings from the barrel head; the Wine Infusion collection comes from the inside of the barrel and is naturally stained by the wine; and the Stave collection is made with the outside of the barrel and shows markings from the hoops.  Pricing starts at $32 per square foot. 


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Innovative Passive House in Lafayette

This is the first certified Passive House in the “South,” and it’s located in Lafayette, Louisiana. What’s interesting about the home – other than that it illustrates the use of the Passive House standard in a hot and humid climate – is the fact that the low-energy home, with the help of rooftop solar laminates, is a net zero energy prototype for the future.


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Modern Eco-Shed on Bowen Island

I imagine you've seen some of the 10 "insanely" green sheds in a recent publication of Popular Mechanics.  I read the article and was captured by the Eco-Shed, a structure that cost owner and author James Glave about $100,000 to build.  With the help of Dan Parke of Salal Architecture, Glave put together an incredible low-impact writing studio. Check it out. 


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First Platinum Multifamily in LA County

This is Casa Dominguez, a new multifamily development in Los Angeles County.  It’s actually the first LEED Platinum multifamily project in the county, according to non-profit developer and architecture firm Abode Communities.  Located in East Rancho Dominguez, the project features a blend of one- to four-bedroom green apartments suited for low-income families.


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