Bring Lasting Beauty to Your Home With Eco-Friendly Redwood

When it comes to creating sustainable, eco-friendly homes, some homeowners may feel they need to turn a blind eye to beauty and appreciate the greener features that may not add to their curb appeal.

There’s a […]

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Every Room in the Home Has a Place for Bamboo

Properly sourced and manufactured bamboo can be an alternative to wood if you like that look but want to use something that is more sustainable in your home.

“Bamboo is considered a rapidly renewable material, meaning […]

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Creating a Green Yard the Sustainable Way

Nearly everyone strives to be sustainable, but avoiding chemical cleaners in your home and recycling plastic bottles isn’t nearly enough to call yourself green. In particular, you should look to how you treat your outdoor […]

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The Most Polluting Industries In The World

Scientists have been sounding the alarms about climate change for decades, but unfortunately we are still completely dependent on digging stuff up and burning it for our main sources of energy. The United States gets […]

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The Basics of Window Energy Ratings

Things feeling a little drafty in your neck of the woods? If you notice yourself shivering every time you walk through your home, it may be time to think about buying a new set of […]

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Smarter and Greener: The Future of Building

 The face of construction is changing fast as innovative technologies introduce smarter and greener building methods and materials to help the industry’s future meet consumer demands to save energy and the environment.


Inspiration from the way […]

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