• Original Breezeway House

Blu Perfects Iconic Breezehouse Prefab

Blu Homes is on a tear lining up projects and relaunching iconic homes such as the Glidehouse.  This month, the Massachusetts-based start-up is “Perfecting an Icon” in the form of unveiling the new and improved Breezehouse.  In fact, just barely into the relaunch, Blu already sold two of these homes and is working on a few more in the pipeline, according to Maura McCarthy, co-founder and VP of sales and marketing.


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  • Vibro Wind Panel Cornell

Bladeless Vibro-Wind Panels of the Future

There’s a lot of innovation in the wind technology sector and this bladeless concept could be a game changer in the next few years.  In fact, “Turbine-free wind power” was placed on the NY Times Magazine’s annual Year in Ideas list with this video explaining the idea.


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  • Week in Review

Location Matters, Global Eco-Cities, Better LEDs, + Leaky Ductwork

The world of tiny living.
How do you seal leaky ductwork?
The balance for affordability and sustainability.
LEED Platinum-seeking home sold for $11.5 m.
The rise and fall of global eco-cities.
Location matters in building green.
Innovation for better white LEDs.

Also, […]

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  • Reclaimed Space Land Yacht

Beautiful Land Yacht Docked in Texas

Reclaimed Space, an Austin-based company that crafts custom prefabs out of reclaimed materials, recently installed this project in Bastrop, Texas.  It’s a small home of 512 square feet that wears the character of salvaged materials well.  The owners work full-time on a private yacht and ground here with their horses and Brangus cattle when not sailing the world, making this their “land yacht.”


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  • Austin Tiny House

Building an Austin Tiny House [Video]

Austin-based documentary filmmaker and instructional designer Jim Bruno was kind enough to tell me about his new short film entitled “Louis Burns & Austin Tiny House.”  The subject is Louis Burns and his reflections building a tiny house.  Burns built the minimalist, Spartan space in a plug-and-play style — all it needs is a heavy-duty extension cord and garden hose.


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  • LED Light Example

Home Lighting: Keep An Eye on LEDs

I’m going to be honest, I hate my CFLs.  After blowing all sorts of cash on these things, I’ve yet to find one that performs the way I’d like it to.  Plus, since lighting accounts for some 11% of residential energy use on average, it’s an area that deserves attention.  In doing so, I’ve been playing with various options and think LEDs may just be the ticket.


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