Home Energy Label, Modular Market, Passive Residence, + Labor Day Special

Read the energy label.
Consumer Reports tests CFLs and LEDs.
Unity College builds Passive House residence hall.
Urban infill could be key to modular market share.
Benefits of going green outweigh the costs.
B Corp law sent to California governor.
The Apple approach to prefab.


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Eco Airstream On The Green Road

Cece Reinhardt and Brenda Daugherty decided to renovate a 2003 Airstream Safari with eco-friendly materials and convert their used diesel truck to a veggie oil machine to get “On the Green Road” in style.  They enlisted sponsors and finished the conversion and renovation.  They also embarked on a mission to get rid of everything that they don’t need or use, and will show people how they’re living off the grid.


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Montana Prefab Reacts to the Elements

If prefab connotes the idea that a home is standardized, perhaps this home sheds some of that.  It wasn’t fabricated to benefit from scale so much as to conserve resources by building it in the vicinity of people and services.  Ruby Springs Prefab was built in Bozeman — roughly 300 feet from both the interior designer Shack Up Studio and architect/builder Medicine Hat Inc. — and installed in a remote location in Ruby Springs, Montana.


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LV Series Prefab Home on Whidbey Island

This Rocio Romero LV Series home was built in 2007 on Whidbey Island in Washington.  The owners have the 11-acre patch of land and home listed for sale for $429,000, which includes 1,190 square feet, 2 bedrooms, and 1.75 bathrooms.  The listing says the home has stainless appliances, CaesarStone countertops, bamboo floors, radiant heat, and everything else that comes with an LV model home.  Check out this modern prefab:


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August Month in Review [Outline]

This month brought the unfortunate passing of environmental hero Ray Anderson, though I’m glad to have been inspired by his books and endeavors.  In terms of our new articles, the most shared one on Facebook was about the Solar Decathlon models, while the most shared one on Twitter was about how solar improves property values.  If you have news for JetsonGreen.com, send us a tip.  Below is an outline of August coverage.


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A Tech Approach to Green Prefab [Forbes]

If you follow the prefab movement or have an interest in these homes, I recommend reading Todd Woody’s recent profile of Blu Homes in Forbes.  Blu, which is planning a second factory north of San Francisco, uses software, engineering, design, and technology to make sustainable homes attainable to more people.  They’re a “technology company that builds homes,” according to co-founder Maura McCarthy.


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