• Hybrid Halogen CFL Bulb GE

Hybrid Light Bulb Arrives on Earth Day

Some folks just don’t want to give up incandescent light bulbs, so GE developed a “customer-inspired” bulb to ease the transition.  The GE Energy Smart hybrid halogen/CFL bulb is being shipped nationally with soft white and Reveal options.  The new bulb — a blend of three light bulb technologies — has the shape of an incandescent, the efficiency of a CFL, and the immediacy of a halogen.


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  • HGTV Green Home 2011

HGTV Green Home Earns LEED Platinum

This year’s HGTV Green Home is in the popular Stapleton infill development of Denver, Colorado.  The New Urbanist community features nothing but Energy Star homes that are about 30% more energy efficient than standard homes and 20% more water efficient than typical Denver households.  But the HGTV Green Home 2011 steps things up a notch with a LEED Platinum certified project — it’s one of about 40 in the state.


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Five Green Design Blogs to Bookmark

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Ecosistema Urbano, an agency that runs a website on the topic of “creative urban sustainability,” recently listed the top environmentally-responsible design blogs with this site included. EU also published the Prezi above saying Jetson Green is a “blogger and tweeter extraordinaire … [that] brings followers the latest strategies for building sustainable homes with natural materials and green technologies.” Here are the other four:


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  • Urbio Vertical Garden w/ 9 Wall Plates

Urbio Vertical Garden for Urban Dwellers

Urbio is a fascinating vertical garden system that’s minimalist, expandable, and affordable.  It was designed by Volare Studio and Enlisted Design, who posted the system on Kickstarter to raise funds to bring the product to market.  Urbio includes wall plates, wall mount pucks, and various pot sizes.  It’s the perfect kind of system to liven up a wall while growing herbs, succulents, and other small plants.


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  • Week in Review

Passive Metrics, Happy Neighborhoods, Green Deconstruction, + Gadget Energy

A Passive House metric .
The future with wooden skyscrapers.
Manufactured housing is a dying industry.
Electronic gadgets using more energy at home.
How to design a neighborhood for happiness.
The benefits of sustainable deconstruction.
Next generation prefab steel homes.
On tankless […]

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  • Modfire Modern

Steel Outdoor Fireplace by Modfire

It’s Spring and high time to get outside.  One way to do that is with an outdoor fire feature to warm friends and family as the sun goes down.  Phoenix-based metal artist Brandon Williams designed Modfire, a sleek, 14-gauge steel fireplace, after seeing a need in the market for a cool, modern outdoor options.  His modern 48″ x 22″ feature is available in natural, red, blue, and orange with pricing from $950.  In addition, Modfire can be outfitted to run on natural gas or propane, if desired.


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