• RainPerfect Rain Barrel

Recycle Your Rain with RainPerfect

If you’re thinking about collecting rain at home, there’s a chance this product — the RainPerfect solar-powered pump system — could come in handy.  Once you have rainwater in the barrel, you’ll want to get it out and that can be done with the help of solar energy, a pump, and a garden hose.


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  • SOL Austin 1331 SF

Five Star Modern Home at Sol Austin

Sol – solutions oriented living – is an impressive community of 40 modern homes three miles east of downtown Austin.  The homes are net-zero energy capable, all-electric, and built to a 4 or 5 Star rating under the Austin Energy Green Building Program.  This home earned a 5 Star rating and features an open, contemporary interior.


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  • Home Depot Green Guide 2011

How to Save Money, Energy, and Water

For the holiday, I mozied down to Home Depot to get some replacement lights and to generally just walk around.  I noticed more green products on the shelves and was surprised to see this WaterSense Glacier Bay toilet with Niagara’s Flapperless flush system selling for $88.  On the way out, I was given a copy of The Green Guide with these 10 suggestions for saving money, energy, and water.

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  • Trellis

Craftsman Style Platinum in Tallahassee

As of January 2011, this is believed to be the highest scoring LEED Platinum home in the state of Florida with 112 points.  Located at 4512 Grove Park in Tallahassee, the craftsman bungalow style home is owned by Mark and Linda Powell and features two-level living, SIPs construction, a large solar PV array, and EPA Indoor airPLUS certification.


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  • Jetson Green Mission

Our Purpose, Aim, and Mission

In conjunction with the launch of this site’s new design (which has been an unbelievable success to date), I thought long and hard about the direction of Jetson Green.  I can’t say where this site will be in five years, but it occurred to me that the best focus was the residential context.  Thus, Jetson Green is not just a green building site any more, it’s a “design-oriented site for sustainable homes, natural materials, and green technology.”


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  • Week in Review

Costly Dirty Coal, Efficient Lights, Resale Efficiency, + Passive Canada

Coal’s shocking hidden health/eco costs.
For resale value, think about energy efficiency.
Consumer have many energy-efficient light options.
Philips: LEDs to take about 50% of market by 2015.
GE pitches halogens as incandescent substitution.
New green life for an old […]

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