July Green Month in Review

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend.  This month we started toying with Google+ and added the +1 button to individuals articles.  In terms of our new articles, the most shared one on Facebook was about a solar-powered shed, while the most shared one on Twitter was about the Modern Living Showhouse prefab.  If you have something you think would fit on JetsonGreen.com, send us a tip.  Below is an outline of July coverage.


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Tiny Everything, Sustainability Road, Efficiency Careers, + Room Lighting Color

Sustainable perfection.
Tiny house has everything you need.
Energy-efficient lighting and room color.
Conserve water with a free water audit.
Build healthy forests by building right.
Finding jobs in energy efficiency.
On the road to sustainability.
Prefab redux.

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Helios Eco-Trailer Powered by the Sun

Helios is an Eco-Trailer from King Kong Production Vehicles, a company that provides trailers and motor homes to the entertainment industry.  The company claims this is the world’s first solar hybrid production trailer and expected to be “the most advanced Eco trailer with the least impact on the environment,” according to a press release.


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ModRocks 100% Recycled Clear Glass Tile

California-based Modwalls now has ModRocks in stock.  The product is made with 100% post-consumer recycled glass on a mesh backing.  A single interlocking sheet (12″ x 12″) has ~1024 pebbles, each with a diameter of ~0.39 inches.  The pebbles come from crushed consumer bottles (no melting required), and ModRocks can be used in residential or commercial applications in both wet and dry areas.  One sheet is $25.95.


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Eco Modern Home on the Columbia River

This is the Vancouver Airport Home, or the Hotchkiss Residence, located along the Columbia River in Vancouver, Washington.  It was designed by Rick Berry of Scott Edwards Architecture and built by Hammer & Hand for retired couple in need of a single-level, one-bedroom abode.  The owners have lived on the site for 40 years and the existing structure was recycled prior to building this one.


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Pilot Users Satisfied with Energy Displays

As it turns out, with near real-time feedback, most electricity consumers will take action to reduce energy usage, according to information released by CenterPoint Energy.  CenterPoint conducted a pilot program with 300 Texas customers using a simple in-home display (IHD) wirelessly connected to a smart meter.  Consumers used the IHD to obtain electricity usage data and a forecast of monthly usage and costs, spurring them to turn off lights, adjust the indoor temperature, and switch to energy-saving light bulbs.


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