• Alley House Too Prefab

Work Begins on New LEED Platinum Prefab

Cascade Built just announced a new single-family home in the Madison Valley neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.  “Alley House 2” was designed by Seattle-based David Foster Architects and is currently under construction by Method Homes in an off-site factory.  The project team is seeking LEED Platinum certification with completion set for about October 2011.


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  • LSG Omnidirectional LED 60w Replacement

60w Replacement LED Bulb Nears $15

Boy do I feel great for grabbing a handful of 60-watt replacement LEDs for $40 a pop!  Lighting Science Group and India-based Dixon Technologies today announced plans to launch the world’s first sub-$15 60-watt equivalent LED bulb.  The bulb will be available in India by the end of this year and around the world sometime in 2012.


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  • in.it studio shed klor

Backyard Work Studio for a Designer

I love this modern, backyard office by in.it studios for Klor, a design studio that makes trailer graphics for films such as Juno, Inglorious Bastards, and Scott Pilgrim.  It’s distinct from the home and creates a commute-free place to get the job done.


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  • JG-week-in-review

Zero-Carbon House, Niche Construction, Greenest Neighborhood, + New Solar

Bold construction.
A new era for solar power.
Is green good for home resale value?
Is this the world’s greenest neighborhood?
Modular house construction still niche.
Seattle to test new prefab system.
Build tiny for a better future.
Zero-carbon house.

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  • k-tect wall system floating home

K-tect Panels for Energy-Efficient Homes

K-tect Sustainable Building Systems makes a wall system that the company calls the “newest generation of structural insulated panels.”  Although not a sandwich panel, the system is kind of like rSTUD but different and more comprehensive.  K-tect includes a light-gauge, metal-stud frame with insulation in a thermally broken assembly (see below) that improves thermal efficiency and controls noise.


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  • Net Zero Sungazing House Park City

LEED Platinum Sungazing Home in Utah

I like visiting new green homes like this one, the Sungazing House in Park City, Utah.  I wrote about the home one year ago today and used some informal photos to create a short video embedded above.  Since my initial tour, the net-zero, LEED Platinum project has been featured all over the world in such places as Green Builder Magazine and EcoHome Magazine. 


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