World’s Tallest Prefab, New Plastic Light, Higher Standards, + Existing Home Insulation

World’s tallest prefab tower ready to go.
Empowerhouse is more than just energy efficient.
Goodbye fluorescent lights?  New plastic light saves energy.
Which insulation — insulating stud cavities in existing homes.
Better your business with these three design principles.
Holding green technology to a higher standard.
Six celebrities with deep green homes.

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Container Perfection, Wood Materials, Solar Steam Efficiency, + Urban Infill Examples

Super efficient solar steam.
Environmental fallout of greener buildings.
Containers: secret plans for perfect apartments for a disaster.
Wood is the most technologically advanced building material.
DOE continues to test Philips’ L-Prize LED retrofit bulb.
Installing a photovoltaic system.
Examples of urban infill.

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November Month in Review [Outline]

Happy holidays!  Below is our coverage from November.  From newly published posts in November, I noticed these were the most popular — Six Oaks Container House, Boulder Container House, and Energy-Efficient Windows. Here’s the outline:


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Natural Gas Myth, Container Condos, Thanksgiving Conservation, + Boosting Solar

The natural gas myth.
Making strides to boost the use of solar energy.
How to use less energy in the kitchen on Thanksgiving.
If we run our economy on oil, energy independence is improbable.
Greenbuild 2012: LEED for Homes Awards recipients revealed.
These gorgeous prefab houses fit in a shipping container.
Your house is killing you.  Here’s how to stop it.
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Passivhaus Success, Prototype iShack, Energy Sucking Dryers, + ReCoding Illegality

Sharing Passivhaus success stories.
Redefining prefab: it’s all about the bones.
What can President Obama do about climate change?
iShack: a South African prototype shelter with solar power.
Cooling challenge spurs 40% more efficient air conditioner.
Clothes dryers may use 35% more energy than advertised.
ReCode because your green dream house may be illegal.
Three easy tips to reduce standby power loads.
Getting […]

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Efficient Prefab Homes, Cheaper LEDs, Sustainability Claims, + Generator Safety Tips

Living large: small spaces that delight.
How to avoid running afoul of FTC with sustainability claims.
New metric helps designers and builders maximize daylighting.
Using a generator?  Here are four generator safety tips.
Fireflies provide inspiration for cheaper LED lamps.
Energy efficiency makes prefab homes popular.
Attic fans: do they help or hurt?

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