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We're looking to showcase newly completed kitchen renovations with green materials, water-saving products, and energy-saving appliances. Please use this form for convenience. Only submit your kitchen project once, and the editor will review the submission for potential publication.

    In this section, please provide project and team information, links, cost data, materials, awards, certifications, and other important information.
  • Please write "confidential" if the owners do not wish to have their names published.
  • Please write "none" if no architect or designer.
  • Please write "none" if no builder or contractor.
  • You may leave this blank; however readers like to know the size in square footage of projects that we mention. It's up to you.
  • You may leave this blank; however readers like to know general cost information, if available. It's up to you.
  • When describing green materials, products, and appliances, please also state, if available, the brand names of things like cabinets, tiles, paints, lighting, appliances, equipment, fixtures, fittings, etc.

    In this section, please attach some great photos. We do not write about projects without them. Projects with great photos also tend to go viral, so take your time here.
  • If required, please provide copyright credit and attribution information for each image that you included above. If no such information is required, please write "none."
    You agree that submitted information and images may be used and published by, Jetson Green, LLC, and its affiliates ("Jetson Green"). Jetson Green provides no guarantee or assurance of publication and may, in its sole discretion, edit, modify, or delete any submitted information or images. You grant Jetson Green an irrevocable, perpetual, and royalty-free right to use, reproduce, edit, display, transmit, prepare derivative works of, modify, publish, and otherwise make use of the submitted information and images in any and all media, now or in the future, throughout the world and for any purpose. You represent that submitted information and images do not and shall not infringe on any copyright, any rights of privacy or publicity of any person, or any other right of any third party, and you have the right to grant any and all rights and licenses herein to Jetson Green. Thank you for taking the time to review and agree to this important agreement.
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