I have the plans (Jay Shafer's - The Zinn from www.fourlightstinyhouses.com) and will build on a 20ft trailer (instead of a 16).
My goal is to live with only what I need and to build with the best/smartest materials that I can.
I plan on a composting toilet, which may present code challenges in the county I live in, have to look into it further.
I would love to be able to maintain the home off-grid however will have the ability to begin life in it while being sustained by electric and water hookups (like an RV).
I see health/safety discussions regarding insulation and solar power system viability and see that I have a lot to consider.

The Zinn is one of the few designs I've seen with the entrance on the broadside of the house, I want french doors in order to maximize light and to be able to move objects in/out of the house without a problem. The loft over the kitchen/bathroom will have one large skylight. There are so many components already made for boats and RV's that I'm not worried about finding ways to heat/cool/cook but I do want to find the BEST ways.

Background: I attended a Four Lights workshop that included a 3-day build afterwards. We didn't finish the tiny house in 3 days but were able to build the floor/insulate, frame, raise the loft, sheet, and ply the shell enough for us to get the gumption to do it ourselves. I would like to learn all I can for my own build, line up all the materials (and a crew) and then WHAM! have a quick build to get me water-tight and done on the outside so that I can attend to the design on the inside.

I sold 80% of my belongings and currently live in a 77sq ft studio with an attached bathroom/shower stall (room is 7ft wide, 11 ft long) so when I move into my tiny house, it will seem like a mansion. I look forward to these forums for information and discussion and invite any other tiny housers to share their experiences for me to learn from!

Think tiny,

The Zinn