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  • Welcome to the Jetson Green Forums!

    Welcome to our Eco and Sustainable living meeting place where you can discuss, share, where you can interact, get support or in-turn support others. This is an interesting progressive lifestyle which many are passionate about, creating a community that channels that passion to help others. The one thing I have learned while running Jetson Green is that there are many people willing to help.

    Do not advertise here! We have created a marketplace here where you can let others know what company you are from. This welcome thread is to let us know who you are as a person and what you are about. The marketplace is further down the forum, you can post what company and what you do there. Don't post more than 1 link here or we will take it down.

    Step 1 - Create an account so you can post and reply to others.

    Step 2 - Take time to setup your profile let people know who you are and what yo are about, if you need information it will make it easier for others to contact you. Create an avatar so you can be recognized easily.

    Note 1 - Posting a link advertising your website in a thread is normal if it is directly relevant, excessive posting will get you banned. To make it clear Eg: Someone asks for a window supplier in the Brooklyn NY area and you post a link to you company in another state that cannot service the inquiry. This is not helpful and is not tolerated.

    Note 2 - Only help others, correcting people is fine, but do it in an informative way. 1 word answers or showing how intelligent you are only shows you know the topic and if the person asking doesn't it means they need help not a life lesson.

    Note 3 - Make relevant posts about sustainable living and eco topics. I'll create an "Off Topic" area for anyone to post anything.. well off topic.

    Note 4 - Play nice, we are a peaceful community no, porn, no nasty pictures, no racism, no rudeness.

    Note 5 - Posted links have to be direct no link shortening services, only Admins can break these rules and only to help you guys.

    If you need help with anything contact myself I'm here to help. Let's make this community a fun informative place for everyone.


    Tim Nieuwenhuis
    Jetson Green Forum

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    It's looking great, Tim. What a wonderful idea! I hope that the Jetson Green community gets on board and starts sharing ideas. There is a wealth of information available out there, and I look forward to reading some personal accounts of how members have improved their lifestyles with more sustainable choices.


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      I am just visiting for the first time. Looking for profile setup.


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        If you're signed in, scroll all the way up and look at the top right of the screen. You should see your name with a little pull-down menu. Profile is under there.

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      Forum looks like it's off to a great start. I'm constantly reading and posting to a forum specific to Brooklyn, NY, called Brownstoner ( It's become an indispensable resource for people in that community. Here's hoping Jetson Green can do the same on a broader scale!


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        Long time reader of the blog and this is the first time we can actually have a voice. My name is Danny and live in Auckland New Zealand.