Jetson Green is a design-oriented site for sustainable homes, natural materials, and green technology. This site is on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the residential green building space. Here’s a snapshot of statistics:

  • 105,000 RSS subscribers
  • 14,500 Facebook fans
  • 14,600 Twitter followers
  • 135,000 monthly visitors
  • 330,000 monthly page views

Jetson Green serves a smart, green audience of influential bloggers, journalists, architects, designers, and other professionals actively seeking ideas and inspiration. The following options are available to reach this active and intelligent group of readers.

300×250 Banner Rectangles ATF/BTF:

Jetson Green advertises through third-party ad networks and Adsense. You can also place ads on this site through Adwords or we can place them for you. Above the fold rate is $300/month and the below the fold rate is as low as $200/month. Contact us here to start a display ad campaign. Header banner next to the Jetson Green logo is $300 PM.

Sponsored Articles:

Jetson Green posts sponsored articles that are also circulated through Twitter and Facebook channels. All sponsored articles are subject to review and approval. The rate is $50 per article and will include a custom author profile/bio, links to a website and social pages. Links will be nofollow and sponsor language will accompany the article. Please use this page to submit a sponsored article.

Sponsor the Site as a Partner:

We offer partners/allies an opportunity to sponsor this site. The sponsor program is tailored to your business needs and may include some of the following:

  • Company logo ROS in footer connected to partner page;
  • Partner page with custom content, widgets, and forms;
  • Traditional advertising through IAB-sized units ROS;
  • Sponsored articles available online and to RSS readers; and
  • Article sharing through Twitter and Facebook pages.

Contact us here to discuss sponsor opportunities.

Disclaimer: Jetson Green reserves the right to reject advertising based on fit, content, reader impact, distraction, and other factors as determined in the sole discretion of Jetson Green.