The rise of rents and dwindling of affordable places to live in most cities has given rise to a number of unique tiny home living solutions in recent years. But these no longer mean quite such a drastic downsizing as they once did. Thanks to a number of innovative space saving solutions it is quite possible to live large in small spaces.
Some such solutions were also incorporated into this tiny apartment, which was designed by the Russian firm Studio Bazi.

The apartment in question measures just 376 sq ft (34 sq m) and designer Alireza Nemati renovated it for himself and his wife. The end result is a cozy and spacious open plan apartment. It features a sort of sleeping box, which isn’t a true loft, but rather just raised on a platform, which hides ample storage room in the stairs leading up to it. This bedroom solution also offers privacy, which is hard to come by in such small spaces.



They also installed a large wall unit made up of storage cabinets in an effort to easily keep the space clutter-free. The open area of the apartment features the kitchen, living and dining area. The latter two are not clearly marked or separated off from the rest of the apartment. Instead they are designed to be flexible and used as needed. In fact, the apartment can be used to sleep up to ten people by moving the couch and extending the dining table.



The kitchenette is quite spacious too, features ample amounts of counter space and is decked out with gorgeous Iranian tiles. The bathroom is impressive in size as well, and even has enough room for a washing machine.


All in all, this is a very clever renovation of a small space, and serves as a great inspiration in the quest to make living small more comfortable.