It seems like tiny homes are gaining in popularity all over the world. The lovely minimalist one pictured above was designed by a Seoul, South Korea-based firm The+Partners and DNC Architects. It’s primary aim is to act as supplementary housing for visitors of the 2018 Winter Olympics, which will be hosted in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do. But it could also easily be a full-time tiny home.


This tiny home measures 213 sq ft (20 sq m) and is made of wooden modules. In fact, wood covers most of the surfaces inside the home, giving it a cozy, cabin-like feel. It features an open living area, a small kitchen, a loft bedroom, and a very well-sized bathroom. The home also features ample glazing throughout, which floods the interior with natural light.



The bedroom is accessible via a set of cleverly designed stairs, which feature an interesting alternating tread design allowing it to take up less space. It also features ample storage space. The kitchen is quite small, but the bathroom is another story. It’s quite large for a tiny home, has wooden flooring and an open shower, as well as a toilet and sink. The homes will also feature a blackened shou shugi ban exterior.



They haven’t disclosed how many of these they will be building to serve as housing for the Olympics. They did reveal that they chose this minimalist design so that the surrounding natural landscape would remain as unspoiled as possible. This tiny home is part of a wider project called The Tiny House Of Slow Town, the aim of which is developing the town without over-building. The tiny homes will also be built using as little materials as possible. Though not explicitly stated, they will most likely keep these houses in place even after the Olympics are over, and rent them out as a hotel of sorts.