Bamboo is a very sustainable building material but it is often passed over, primarily due to its vulnerability to insect infestation and moisture. However, other properties give it an unparalleled potential as a very durable, and versatile building material, so it’s nice to see big projects such as this sports and assembly hall in Chiang Mai Thailand, being constructed using it. The sports hall is the work of the local firm Chiangmai Life Architects and the actual design was inspired by the lotus flower.

Chiangmai Life Architects have been using bamboo on various of their projects, which include villas, offices, homes and schools in the vicinity of the Thai city of Chiang Mai. This sports and assembly hall was commissioned by the Panyaden International School and can house up to 300 people.

The structure is quite impressive and uses passive cooling techniques with the help of natural ventilation to keep inhabitants comfortable in this hot and wet climate. The hall measures 50 ft (15 m) across and is quite high. According to the architects, the carbon footprint of this building is 90 percent lower than that of a comparable structure that was built using traditional construction methods.

The space will be used to host basketball, volleyball and badminton games, while it also houses three smaller volleyball and badminton courts for practice. There is also a stage which is used for school assemblies and can be lifted and lowered automatically. There are also several balconies for parents and other spectators lining the courts.

The hall was completed earlier this year.