The summer hiking season is in full swing in Europe and now there is a new place to rest on your travels. The UK-based architecture firm Studio Weave, working with the Bruit du Frigo collective, has recently built this lovely hiking shelter near Bordeaux, France. The structure is raised off the ground and rests atop a weathered steel platform. And anyone can stay in it for free.

The shelter is named Le Haut Perché and is a part of the so-called Les Refuges Périurbains project, under the auspices of which many other shelters in the Bordeaux area were recently built. The main aim of the project is to make the exploration of the less famous areas around Bordeaux more appealing by offering a network of free shelters.

Le Haut Perché is located in a gorgeous spot surrounded by trees and streams, while it is also very close to the main water source of Bordeaux. The structure is clad in timber, while the designers drew inspiration from the water towers in the vicinity. The shelter is raised off the ground on weathered steel stilts and one must climb up a set of stairs to gain entry.

The interior is very basic. It consists of just one room with a large mattress that can sleep up to six people. I’m not sure how appealing this sleeping arrangement is, as I would definitely not want to be stuck sleeping in the middle. There is no electricity, or running water, as well as no toilet. But there is a toilet nearby, so that part is taken care of.

If you wish to stay at Le Haut Perché, or another of the free-to-stay Les Refuges Périurbains shelters, you need to make a reservation on their website to get the key. It appears that anyone, no matter where they are from can stay in one of these shelters.