The French firm Baluchon recently unveiled a unique, fun new tiny home on wheels, which packs a lot into a small space. The home is very colorful, and would be a lot of fun to live in, I’m sure, especially given the fact that the interior is very well laid out.

The home is called Essen’Ciel and measures 19.6 ft (6 m) in length. It can still sleep up to four people and features a very spacious kitchen given the diminutive size of the home. The kitchen is equipped with a two-burner stove and a small fridge. It is located on the ground level of the Essen’Ciel, as is the sitting area, which is fitted with a sofa that can be pulled out into a bed. This space is divided in half by a staircase, which gives access to the sleeping loft. The latter is large enough to sleep two people comfortably, but doesn’t have an impressive amount of headroom. The staircase itself is very interesting, since the bottom two steps are retractable, which saves some space when the stairs aren’t in use.

To further make the most of the available space, the shelving in the living room is irregular and angular. In this way storage space is provided without sacrificing too much of the living area to it. The bathroom is small, but still large enough to fit a shower and toilet.

The Essen’Ciel was built atop a double-axle trailer and gets it’s power via a RV-style hookup. The exterior cladding is cedar, while they used sheep’s wool to insulate the floor, and cotton, linen and hemp for the walls. To insulate the ceiling they used wood fiber.

There is no word on price for this model yet, but other tiny homes made by Baluchon start at $65,000 (€60,000).