Generally, tiny homes are all about going back to the basics, meaning they don’t feature a lot of modern, cutting edge technology. But Covo Tiny House Company has changed all that with their new model, the so-called Covo Mio tiny home. The latter features lots of smart tech, including lighting that can be controlled with a smartphone app, a smart door lock, and an Amazon Echo.

The Covo Mio rests atop a 26 ft (7.9 m)-long double-axle trailer and measures a modest 330 sq ft (30 sq m). It also has a cleverly positioned storage compartment, which is attached to the rear of the house. Most of the interior space is taken up by the lounge, kitchen and dining area. The sitting area features a sofa and a TV, while the kitchen is equipped with a stainless steel cooktop and oven, as well as a 7 ft (2.1 m)-long breakfast bar, which serves as the main eating space. The tiny home also features a bathroom, which is fitted with a toilet and a shower.

The home also features two lofts, one that is intended to be used as the master bedroom, and the second for storage. Both are accessible via a ladder. The tiny home also features ample glazing, which lets in plenty of natural daylight and aids ventilation.

The basic model is being sold for $59,999 and features all of the above. But what differentiates this tiny home from others on the market are the high-end smart technology features which are available as an upgrade. These include LED lighting throughout, a Schlage Z-Wave door lock, and a Bluetooth sound system, which are all connected to a Wink Hub and can be controlled with a dedicated smartphone app. Optional upgrades also include an efficient mini-split heating-and-cooling unit, a Nest thermostat, USB charging ports, an Amazon Echo, a 50-inch TV, and a sitting/standing working desk. The home features a standard RV hookup for electricity, while an off-the-grid package is also available, and includes a solar power system and a composting toilet.

These extras, along with other upgrades such as a walnut butcher block countertop, raise the price of this home up to roughly $100,000.