When it comes to making tiny spaces more livable and comfortable, there have already been many clever solutions developed. But this apartment has some surprises in store. It was designed for photographer Brendan McInerney by Joseph Chiarucci of Fort Design Build, and it features an actual catwalk as a space saving feature. Dangerous? Maybe. But it’s also quite clever.

The apartment measures just 400 sq ft (37 sq m), so a lot had to be done with little. The apartment does have a very high ceiling, which made it easier. The designer placed the kitchen and living area on the “ground level” while the bedroom, bathroom and storage loft were placed over it. They also partitioned off the space, which yielded enough room for a large corner working desk for Brendan.


The loft that is used for storage can either be reached via a staircase or a catwalk. Personally I would like to see a sturdy handrail along that thing, though Brendan doesn’t seem to have much trouble traversing it.

The bedroom is located in a second loft, and is quite spacious. There is enough room for a large bed, as well as a second seating area. Storage drawers were placed under the bed to keep the place tidy. The bathroom is very small, yet still functional. It also features a window, which makes it appear a little larger.


Another clever surprise is the hole in the wall where a vacuum hose is located. It’s a unique sort of central vacuum system, and Brendan just has to flick on a switch to clean up the entire apartment. Plus, the vacuum is hidden away out of sight behind the wall.

This apartment is a great example of how thinking outside the box can yield some interesting and functional designs, especially when it comes to tiny homes where every square foot of space matters.