Ecobubo, a Portuguese startup, has recently completed a tiny dwelling of the same name that’s made of cork. The primary function of this tiny house is to serve as a nature escape for two, since the home is located in the woods and lacks the space and amenities, which would make it suitable as a full-time home.

The Ecobubo measures a very modest 96 sq ft (9 sq m) and has been in development since 2015. This recently completed version is the new and improved prototype, and takes only about 2 weeks to construct. It is raised off the ground on stilts and features a deck that does a lot to extend the livable space. The façade is made of cork panels, which slot together to build the home and can be freely customized with each model of the home. The structure of the home and its interior is made of wood.

The interior features a tiny kitchen, and a sitting area that’s fitted with a sofa. The latter pulls out into a bed for two. The home also features a bathroom that is equipped with a composting toilet and a shower. The other furnishings include cupboards, a table, and stools with storage integrated into them.

Cork was used primarily because it is a very abundant material in Portugal, but also because it is impermeable, elastic, buoyant, and fire retardant. The aesthetics of it also played a role, while cork has good insulation qualities and is produced sustainably.

The home can get its power from the grid, but it is also possible to take it off the grid by utilizing solar or wind power. Since cork is such a good insulator, air-conditioning is not needed in the summer months, nor is heating in the winter. Though they did install a small heater just in case of extremely low temperatures.

The primary function of this home right now is to serve as a camping alternative, otherwise known as glamping. But the company does have plans to develop a more permanent type of dwelling too. It would make a great guesthouse, cabin or even a full-time home with some adjustments.

The home is selling for between $11,700 – $17,550 at the moment, which does not include taxes and transportation.