US-based freelance photographer Mandy Lea has been travelling the country in a teardrop trailer for the past two years, capturing amazing shots of nature along the way. She decided on this change in lifestyle after realizing the day job was burning her out, while her true passion—photography—was getting neglected. So she traded in the “normal” life for a nomadic one and has yet to regret it.


Her journey started with the purchase of a teal [email protected] teardrop trailer but the adventure was off to a rocky start when a few days before going on the road, the trailer was stolen. With the help of police and social media, she got it back, but it was completely trashed. She managed to fix it all though, and has named it The Phoenix, which his quite an apt name given all that.

Most of the interior is taken up by Mandy’s bed, while there is also space for a cabinet with plenty of shelf space, a TV and her favorite photograph—the mountain sunrise, which made her decide to start this new life. The kitchen, which is accessible from the outside only, was also completely revamped. The interior looks very cozy and I’m sure it’s easy to forget you’re living in a trailer after the doors are closed and you settle in for the night.



Mandy modified her trailer quite a bit before making it her full-time home. She started by replacing all the plain, stainless steel handles with cool wooden knobs. She also added the curtains, which give the interior a very homely feel. She also added the bed, and modified the storage units to offer more space. All in all, it might seem a bit cramped, but the freedom of living in this way offsets that, I think.



In the last eight months, Mandy has visited 28 states, and three countries, taking pictures of spectacular natural scenes along the way. She likes to take her camper off-the-grid, but also spends time visiting friends and family across the US and parks in their driveways. To learn more visit Mandy Lea’s website.