Living in small or even tiny apartments is the reality for many urban dwellers these days, and while such living arrangements can be ideal for singles and couples, having kids does pose a problem. But the Polish design firm Mode:lina Studio came up with a very clever solution to this conundrum in the case of artist and designer Maciej Kawecki.


Maciej is a work from home dad who lives in a 398-square-foot apartment with his six-year-old son. The design firm he hired to renovate his apartment installed a transformer unit, which can be used as a workspace for Maciej but also hides a playroom for his son. The multifunctional unit can be used as a desk, but also to hold business meetings as well as to cook and sleep.



The sleeping part is located in a loft above the work desk. The shelving unit part of the transformer piece of furniture is on wheels and can be moved as needed. When pulled out it opens up the son’s playroom, which is located just behind the working desk. It’s also a great place to keep all of the child’s toys, so they’re not cluttering up the rest of the small apartment. The conference desk Maciej uses to meet with clients is also on wheels, and can be pushed aside and moved out of the way when not needed. The transformer unit itself is made of oriented strand board (OSB). It was mostly left natural, though they painted a few sections black to offer some contrast.


This is certainly another great example of how transformer, multi-purpose furniture pieces can make even small apartments more functional. This version of it will certainly appeal to all those with small children, while I’m pretty sure most kids love to have a secret playroom!