As all parents know, children grow out of things fast and furniture is no exception. When it comes to the latter, it’s best to purchase pieces that can be reused down the line, even after the child grows out of their primary function. And the Danish company Leander has recently unveiled one such piece of furniture: a baby crib, which grows with the child.

The Linea Cot, as it is called, is first and foremost a baby crib. It is made of solid oak and has cleverly designed sloping sides, which prevent the child from climbing out. It also has a base that is height-adjustable, meaning it can be moved up and down to accommodate the growing child.

As the baby becomes a toddler, the Linea Cot can be turned into a bed by simply removing one of the sides. And then, as the child outgrows it, the bed can be turned into a sofa or daybed, which can be used up until the teenage years and even beyond. Not to mention that it can also be turned back into a crib should the need arise.

Leander also offers a whole range of furniture for children, including a changing table and dresser, and the Linea Cot blends seamlessly with those pieces. The Linea Cot is available in many different colors, and can be fitted with different cushions so that it fits well in most any home. And all the different cushions can keep it looking fresh for many years.

The baby’s crib is certainly one of the least re-usable pieces of furniture people will need to purchase in their lifetime, so it’s great to see companies coming up with solutions to making them more flexible. There is no word on price yet, but you can visit the Leander website for more info.