Cities across the world are battling overpopulation, while rents skyrocket. But the Chinese People’s Architecture Office (PAO) has come up with an ingenious solution to this problem. They have recently unveiled a home intended for first time homeowners, which is very affordable and easy to assemble.


The so-called Plugin House is made using PAO’s patented prefabricated panel system, and it can assembled by a small team of people in only a couple of hours. In fact, PAO claims that even people with no prior construction experience can build this home in just 24 hours using only a hex key.

While the Plugin House is intended as a full featured home on its own, it can also be used to expand an existing home. The Plugin House pictured here was built for Mrs. Fan, a young woman who wished to move out of her parent’s home and into their old courtyard house. But because the latter was very cramped and dark, she opted to attach a Plugin House to it to make it bigger and more suitable to live in.



The home measures 299 sq ft (27.8 sq m) and features a lounge, kitchen, and bathroom. Mrs. Fan’s home is also fitted with a shower and a composting toilet. It also features ample glazing, which lets in plenty of natural daylight and makes the interior appear larger than it is.

The modules the home is made of are prefabricated off site, and already come with all the necessary insulation, as well as the interior and exterior finish. All the wiring and plumbing spaces are located in one molded part of the modules. To construct a Plugin House, these modules are simply attached one to another via the integrated locking system, which must be tightened using a hex key.

Mrs. Fan’s Plugin House cost only $10,000 to construct.