We have featured builds by Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses here before, mainly because their creations are always spot-on when it comes to small and sustainable homes. Their newest project, the recently completed 16 Foot Curved Roof Tiny House is no exception, and actually raises the bar when it comes to off-grid tiny homes. It’s spacious and light filled, yet still completely mobile.


The 16 Foot Curved Roof Tiny House was built on a 16 ft (5 m) long trailer and has reclaimed cedar and tin siding. As the name suggests, it features a curved roof that results in a generous amount of headroom, which is always a plus when it comes to tiny homes. The main floor of the interior is the primary living and sleeping area, with a kitchenette off to the side. The latter is quite well equipped and features a two-burner cooktop, a chest fridge, a pantry and a fold-down dining table. The living area also features a sofa, which transforms into a bed and thus also serves as a sleeping area.



To the side of the kitchen is the bathroom, which is separated off from the rest of the tiny home by a reclaimed, sliding barn door, and is fitted with a shower and a composting toilet. The tiny home also features a loft, which can be used as a guest bedroom and storage area. It is accessible via a collapsible aluminum ladder.


The home is powered by a roof-mounted 1,400 W solar array that plugs into a battery array. This system can also be plugged into the grid to be recharged if necessary. The home also features an on-demand water heater, which is fed by two propane gas bottles, as is the cooktop. There is also an air-conditioning/heat pump split system, which helps keep the interior at a comfortable temperature year-round.