With the rise in popularity of sites such as AirBNB, more and more people are looking for clever ways to rent out a part of their properties to make some extra cash. Sarah and Patrick Romero of Sandy, Utah, came up with a great way of doing just that. They built a cozy, tiny home, which they are currently renting out.


The tiny home measures only 192 sq ft and was built using mainly recycled materials in order to keep the costs down. To make it appear more spacious, they installed large, pyramid-shaped skylights, which literally flood the interior with light.

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The interior layout of the home is very well thought out. It features an L-shaped kitchenette, which has a prep space and a sink/stove area. To save space the dining counter can be folded up when not in use. The sofa is also designed to be folded out, in order to create a bed for guests to sleep on. Seating is also possible in wall alcoves, which also double as storage areas.


The bedroom is located in the loft, right under the skylights, which must offer a stunning nighttime view. Directly under the loft is the bathroom, which is quite large and well-equipped for a tiny home.



It took them about 3 months to build this home. They used mainly recycled materials and used appliances, which kept the costs down. In the end they spent just $25,000 on the build.


Unfortunately they had some trouble with county regulations, which prevented them from installing the home in their preferred location. Despite challenging the rules and regulations governing this area, they were forced to take the tiny home to an RV park in order to be able to rent it out legally. That’s unfortunate, but a good reminder to check the laws in your area before opting for a tiny home.