Downsizing isn’t the only advantage of opting for a tiny home it seems. The Portland, Oregon-based firm Path Architecture has designed a unique tiny house, which is capable of rotating to follow the sun. Since a version of this home can be used completely off-the-grid, its ability to turn with the sun greatly increases the solar power harvesting potential.

The home is called simply 359, which is derived from the fact that it can be turned almost 360 degrees. It measures just 12 feet by 12 feet, for an area of 144 square feet. It does feature very high ceilings though, which makes up for the tiny footprint, and it is actually quite roomy inside. They are offering two versions, one which is designed to be connected to the grid and another that can be used off-the-grid. The latter is equipped with a solar power array mounted on the roof and a composting toilet. The on-grid version needs to be connected to city services for water and electricity, and features a normal flush toilet.


The reason why the home only turns 359 degrees is so that the electrical wiring and plumbing doesn’t get damaged during the rotation. However, they are also working on a way to perfect that part of the design so future versions will be able to turn in a full circle.


Being able to follow the sun also increases the solar heat gain of the home, and since one wall of the home is more or less covered by large windows it probably works very well to fulfill this purpose too. The home can be rotated by hand and judging from the promotional video (link: https://youtu.be/dFKNMCcNL-U) two small children can do the job.

It’s certainly a novel idea, and I’m actually surprised more off-the-grid tiny house builders haven’t been utilizing it.