Even though downsizing to a tiny house is all about cutting costs and saving, a lot of custom made, or prefab tiny home offerings have hefty price tags. Which kind of defeats the purpose, and even though there’s always the fun choice of going the DIY route and building your own home, it’s also very nice when companies offer affordable premade solutions. Such as the so-called France tiny home made by Pin Up Homes, a Check Republic-based company.

The France home measures just 74 sq ft (6.9 sq m), so it truly is tiny. They’ve recently completed the prototype of it, which has no bathroom. The home is made out of 21 insulated panels, which are held together by threaded rods. According to the company, three people can assemble the home in just three hours. Disassembly is equally fast and efficient.


The interior of the home has three sections, namely a living space, a bedroom and a small kitchenette. The bedroom is separated from the living area by a shelving unit, which also acts as storage space. The home is heated by a woodburning stove.


No foundation is necessary to erect one of these homes, since it rests on stilts. This could be a problem in areas where there are strong winds, though it would make it easy to build it on an uneven terrain. As already mentioned, there is no shower or toilet, as well as no water distribution system. This could be solved by installing a water tank, or a rainwater collection system, and perhaps adding a composting toilet. There is also no electrical system in place, so the addition of, for example, a solar power array would be welcome too.

The cost of this home is just $1200, so even with all the necessary add-ons, the price would still be low. And even as is, it could still make an awesome garden shed. These homes are still in the testing phase, though the company hopes to begin mass production soon.