The UK-based company Bluefield Houseboats was established with the goal of making houseboats that are as comfortable to live in as any nice house or apartment. They also design these houseboats with sustainability in mind, so the boats are prefabricated, feature an energy-efficient design, and are equipped with state of the art home automation technology.

Their first model home is a single story houseboat, which has a total floorspace of 500 sq ft (46.5 sq m). Much of the interior is taken up by the living and dining area and the kitchen, while ample glazing makes it appear larger than it is. The houseboat also has a well-sized master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. There is also a second bedroom and bathroom. The roof is also a terrace and can be reached via a set of stairs attached to the side of the houseboat.



The exterior cladding is made of powder coated aluminum and cedar, while the interior or the houseboat features natural wooden flooring, hardwood doors, and natural tiles. The houseboat doesn’t have it’s own motor, so it’s meant to be permanently moored, though it can be towed to another location if desired.



The current model is dependent on the grid for power and water, but Bluefield Houseboats is also developing an off-grid package, which will be available as an add-on. The houseboat pictured here is just one of their creations. They also designed a two-story home, a coffee shop, a restaurant, and a studio.

The houseboats are all well-insulated and airtight, so the firm is certain that they are quite energy-efficient to run. The home is heated by electric heaters and also features an efficient Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery system.

The houseboat also features an Elan automation system, which allows for the fine control of heating and ventilation systems, as well as the lighting and the entertainment system, via an iOS or Android device.

The one story model of the home costs around $274,000.