The tiny home movement is taking over the world, it would seem, as we are seeing more and more awesome builds across the world lately. One such is certainly this recently completed home called Novio, which was designed and built by the Quebec-based firm Ma Maison Logique. It’s modern and minimalist, and quite well arranged for a tiny house.


The home is 8’6″ (2.6 m) wide and 22′ (6.7 m) long, which yields 210 sq ft (19.5 sq m) of interior space, with 60 sq ft (5.6 sq m) taken up by the loft. The home features a spacious sitting area, which looks quite comfortable and has storage space hidden underneath it. The kitchen is small but functional, and it’s located in the central part of the home, under the loft. It features a stove, well-sized sink, a fridge and plenty of counter space. There is also a mobile working/dining table here, which can be folded up to save space, as well as moved around to where it’s needed. The home features ample glazing, which lets in plenty of natural daylight and makes it appear more spacious.



The home also features a dressing area, which is a nice touch, as it can be separated off from the rest of the home by a set of sliding doors to gain more privacy. There are no images of the bathroom, though it is most likely located right across from the dressing room, and looks quite small if it is.

The bedroom is located in the loft, which can be accessed by a ladder. It’s big enough for a queen-sized bed, and has a good amount of headroom thanks to the homes’ gable roof. There is a large skylight here, great for stargazing and for letting in more light into the home during the day. There is a specially placed opening in the loft floor, which allows this light to filter down to the main floor.


There is no information of how this home is heated, or how well insulated it is. Given that it’s a Canadian creation, it is probably safe to assume it was built to withstand the country’s harsh winters. It costs roughly $51,000 (68,000 CAD) to buy. The company also builds larger and smaller homes than this one, ranging in size between 600 and 1300 square feet.