Between multipurpose furniture, storage stairs and all-inclusive transformer units we’ve seen a lot of clever solutions on how to make the most of the often very cramped space in small city apartments. And here’s another one to add to the list. It is the brainchild of the Madrid-based design firm Zooco and is made up of several partitions that are set against the wall and can be used as storage, a desk, or a lounge area.


The creation is called Modulor and was installed in a 365-square-foot apartment. The clever partitions are used to divide up the space based on the different daily functions, such as sleeping, bathing, working, and lounging. The apartment also features a mirror along one wall, which makes it look a lot more spacious.


The sofa and bed are located at one end of the apartment, while the other end is taken up by the shower and sink. Then there is the dressing room, a reading alcove, and a work area that features a desk and shelves. Each of these separate daily activities is basically contained within the various units, which also serve to divide up the space a lot like walls would in a larger apartment. The whole thing also looks quite functional, except maybe the reading/lounging alcove, which looks a little uncomfortable to sit in for a longer period of time.



Overall, I think this is a good concept that perhaps still needs some refinement to be more user-friendly, so to speak. This first version is still a little too focused on the design aspect (i.e. it looks interesting), but maybe with some more adjustments it could become a much more functional way of dividing up small spaces.