Transformer, multifunctional furniture is truly a wonderful invention, especially when it aids the effort of trying to downsize or making the most out of living in small spaces. It’s also great when it comes to furnishing children’s bedroom’s since it adapts to their ever-changing needs as they grow. The so-called Nook Bed, created by Spanish designer Carlos Tiscar is a great example of such a transformer piece of furniture.


Carlos created the Nook Bed in collaboration with the furniture maker JJP, and it is a great, minimalist piece that would fit into any home regardless of size or furnishing style. The Nook Bed features a metal canopy, which can easily be adapted to serve different needs and wants. There is the option of adding side rails for the safety of small children, as well as cabinets, drawers, desks, curtains, LED lighting and even a bike holder. It is a unique piece of furniture, which the owner can truly make their own.


It fits a single, twin bed, but it is also possible to put a trundle bed underneath it, which means that it can sleep two. They will also be offering it in a variety of colors, so that it will match any décor. And it is very easy to assemble using only an Allen key. The frame is sturdy and robust, and doesn’t need to be mounted on a wall.



The canopy and curtains also offer the occupant privacy, which is a commodity when it comes to living in a small space. Given that the frame is made of metal, this bed is also very durable and will continue to serve with its adaptable function for years and years. There is no word yet on where, when and for how much it can be purchased, but this information will hopefully be revealed soon.