The SolSource, made by the firm One Earth Designs, has been around for awhile and they made quite a few waves a few years ago with their three-in-one solar gadget, which uses solar power to cook food, generate electricity and purify water. The latest version of the device they’re offering is just a cooker, which according to the company heats up five times faster than a charcoal grill. It can also deliver up to 1,000 watts of power, and is capable of harvesting sunlight seven times more efficiently than a typical PV panel. It also requires no fuel of any kind to run, just the sun.

The device is made of reflectors, which are lightweight, 3D formable, and self-healing, meaning they can survive even extreme weather conditions and still maintain a 92% energy efficiency. As such this grill makes a lot of sense for use in the developing world, where it could easily replace the classic charcoal grill for cooking basic meals. This would greatly reduce the issues of indoor air pollution, which is the cause of so many respiratory illnesses among the populace in third world countries. While the first world population might consider getting one of these grills to reduce their carbon footprint. It would also make a great addition to any off-the-grid home.

The basic version costs $499, while a fully equipped version, which features a grill pan and cover for the stove costs $569. The price is pretty high, but since the device requires no additional fuel it is quite justified. The future of our planet depends on finding more sustainable ways to live, and exploiting solar energy for zero-fuel cooking is a great place to start. Though if they mean to sell it in the developing world, they might consider offering a discount.