A big part of the decision to downsize to a tiny mobile home is the ability to live a more adventurous lifestyle, which might not be possible when tied down to a traditional home and mortgage. This was also the reason why Breck and Kelsey, a couple from Mississippi, opted to live full time in a tiny home. Their so-called Tiny Adventure Home was designed and built by the firm Tiny Heirloom, and has many ingenious features, such as a real rock climbing wall on the exterior, since both the owners are avid climbers.



The Tiny Adventure Home rests atop a double-axle 28 ft (8 m)-long trailer. The interior is laid out a little differently than we’re used to seeing in other tiny homes. The kitchen runs along the center of the home, with a large dining area on one side of the rectangular space, and the bathroom on the other. The bedroom is located in a loft above the bathroom, while the sitting and working area is located in a second loft above the dining table. Both lofts are accessible via a movable ladder. The dining area is quite large, and can sit up to six people.


The home also features a large window, covering most of one of the longer sides. This glazed section opens like a garage door, and effectively opens up the home, blurring the line between the indoor and outdoor space very nicely. The home also features ample glazing throughout, letting in plenty of natural light and making it appear more spacious.


The bathroom is well sized as well, and even features a corner soaking tub/shower combination, and toilet. The home features a standard RV-style hookup for power, though I suppose it wouldn’t take much to make it independent of the grid. The climbing wall along the exterior is made of Rockwerx modular panels.