The famous Icehotel, which they build every year in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, will get built for the 27th year in a row this year, since it melts into nothing each year. But this year another Icehotel was also built, and this one is built to last. The so-called Icehotel 365 is designed to remain standing and open all year, and not just during the coldest months.


Icehotel 365 has a total area of 22,600 sq ft (2,100 sq m), and it was built using 6,600 gal (30,000 l) of water, which was obtained via the ice and snow collected off the Torne River. The outer walls of the hotel are made of concrete, since this is required for the hotel to be permanent, but that is pretty much the only unsustainable part of the structure. The walls and ceilings of the hotel are made of snow and ice, or more precisely a mixture of the two called “snice”. The internal temperature is kept at 23° F (-5° C).



This constant low temperature is made possible by a nearby refrigerating plant, which is powered by 9,400 sq ft (875 sq m) of solar panels, which produce 130,000 kWh of energy annually. This array will cover the energy needs of the plant, while there will also be some power left over to power other nearby facilities, such as restaurants, warm rooms, and offices. Jukkasjärvi is located just 124 m (200 km) from the Arctic Circle, so for 100 days in the summer, the sun doesn’t set.



The hotel will feature 20 suites, which are all decorated with unique pieces of art. The hotel also houses an ice bar and a gallery of ice artworks. Guests can choose to stay in either the Art Suites or Deluxe Suites, but only the Deluxe ones are heated, and are also equipped with private saunas, showers and bathtubs.

The artwork on display at the hotel was created by more than 40 artists, designers and architects, and since some of the pieces will melt during the year, they will have to be replaced on a regular basis. The Icehotel 365 was completed in just five months, and it is already open for visitors.