Buying new furniture as your child grows can be quite an expense, so working solutions in this area are more than welcome. One such is this set of furniture created by the firm Teehee from Holland. It is basically two pieces, which begin as a crib, but can be adapted for other uses as your child grows. As such they’re both affordable and environmentally friendly.


The so-called Illeta crib can also be made into a bed for a toddler. There is also a sort of changing nook, which is placed atop a child-sized wardrobe. The rack placed over it is great for hanging clothes and baby toys. Additional storage is provided via a shelf, which has a clever design that prevents the children from pulling stuff off it. The set-up also comes with a longer clothes rack, as well as a height-adjustable mattress, which can serve as either a bed or a sofa.


There is also a low table, which can be used as a changing table, desk or bench. In addition to this, there is also another changing table, which is detachable so that it can be placed higher which is of great help for people with back issues. The whole thing doesn’t take up very much space at all, so it’s great for smaller apartments, or even tiny homes. The Illeta crib is made out of FSC-certified Scandinavian birch plywood.


Children as well as adults grow very attached to their homes and surroundings, so giving kids a chance to have the furniture grow with them instead of getting new stuff every couple of years is a great idea. The whole set is also made in a very minimalist fashion, so each kid can decorate it as they wish.