The Chinese firm People’s Architecture Office (PAO) has created yet another ingenious home design, which proves yet again that houses don’t need to be hard to build, and that it doesn’t need to take a long time to construct them. The so-called Plugin Tower pictured above would be delivered to the build site it a kit made up of modular parts that the future inhabitant just needs to put together. The homes are easy to construct, and easy to take apart and move to a new location if needed.


The Plugin Tower has a prefab steel frame, which is versatile and can be adapted to different home locations. There is also no need for a foundation. Once the frame is in place, the home is then finished using PAO’s special system of composite panels. These panels already have all the spaces for electrical wires and plumbing in place. They also come fully insulated with the finishes already done. The home can thus be built in only a few hours by unskilled individuals, using only a hex wrench.



People in China face the problem of all the land being government owned or overseen by collective economic organizations (CEOs). Also, only the very wealthy can own homes in China. Such as system makes it very hard to build your own home, and the Plugin Tower system aims to tackle this problem as well. According to PAO, they designed this home with the ordinary people in mind, aiming to help minimize the risk of losing the land on which their homes are built. Since the Plugin Tower is designed to be easy to disassemble, it also makes it easy to relocate. It can also be expanded easily by simply adding more modules into the frame.

The Plugin Tower is currently just an experimental concept, though they already built a prototype, which is on display at the offices of real estate developer Vanke in Shenzhen. Hopefully, it will move out of the concept stage soon.