The company Leckie Studio Architecture + Design of Vancouver recently unveiled plans to start producing innovative modular cabins, which will arrive in a flatpack package and be as easy to assemble as IKEA furniture. The cabins are currently still in the design stage, but they will function completely off-the-grid and come in many sizes and styles.

The cabins will feature minimalist metal shell. The smallest cabin will measure only 191 sq ft (17 sq m), which will still be enough space to sleep up to four people. And the largest will measure an impressive 937 sq ft (87 sq m) with enough space for 24 people to sleep in.



The interior of the cabins will feature a lounge, kitchen, dining area, bathroom, and one or more bedrooms. This will be achieved by making them two story structures. Apart from the full off-grid versions (the so-called Backcountry model), the company will also be offering them as full-time, grid-reliant homes (the Frontcountry model). The Backcountry models are intended to be used as mere shelters, and a place to sleep, and will be fitted just with bunk-beds. The Frontcountry models will be better furnished, since they plan to sell them as full-time homes.


According to the company, the homes could be erected by a group of people with no prior construction experience, and they’re even comparing the process to the once common practice of barn-raising gatherings. It would certainly be a fun community building exercise.

The homes will feature a roof-top mounted solar power array and a composting toilet. Delivery to the build site will be possible via truck, helicopter, or an off-road vehicle.


The price has not yet been revealed, nor have the details of which materials will be used, how well insulated the cabins will be, and so on. But they do plan to construct the first of these cabins next year.