Telecommuting jobs have been gaining in popularity in recent years, as have coworking offices. But even the latter means that you’re tied up to a desk and have limited time each day to enjoy the world around you. To solve this problem, the company One Wild Life (OWL) from San Diego has come up with an ingenious solution. They have created a mobile co-working office out of a school bus, which they completely refurbished to serve this purpose.


The so-called Adventure Lab is big enough to fit 12 freelancers. It is equipped with desks, has a comfy lounge area, as well as a fast Internet connection and a projector. The idea is that freelancers can hire a workspace in the bus, and it is aimed at those who would like the chance to go hiking, biking, swimming or surfing during the workday. The bus can be driven anywhere in the area, and then those who wish to work can do so, while others can get some outdoor time in before they begin, should they choose to do so.



The bus is basically just an alternative to the coffee shop and aimed at those who like more adventure in their daily lives. It’s also a great way of reconnecting with the outdoors, since entrepreneurs, and self-employed freelancers in general, often just do not have the time to leave work and go outside. And going outside and reconnecting with nature is one of the best ways to combat stress.

OWL is offering various “mobile packages” to freelancers. These packages include use of the coworking space for individuals, while teams can also rent out the bus and use it as creative retreat of sorts. And the packages also include activities such as yoga, biking, surfing and camping. The company is planning to expand and start providing a whole network of such mobile co-working spaces across the globe. They recently successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign, so the first of these Adventure Labs will be launched very soon.